Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bags, Books and Scarves, Oh My!

It's Sunday morning and I'm in a really freakin good mood today :) I've had a very productive morning, finishing up some tarot bags I've been working on. I love this one. It's called Lady of the Flame, the name coming from the flame she is holding in the palm of her hand. I wish I knew the actual artists name. My guess would be John William Waterhouse, which happens to be my all-time favorite artist. I l-l-love his work. The link above (I'm so proud that I created my first link!) has some great information on his work and many pictures of his paintings.

I've also spent the morning looking through some books that I received in the mail yesterday from Amazon: Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, which totally kicks ass. There is soooo much great information in it about colorwork, dyeing techniques, spinning and sock-making. I would recommend it for the sheer fact alone of all the beautiful, inspiring color photos. I also picked up Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney and The Whole Craft of Spinning by Carol Kroll. I've been obsessed with the Twisted Sisters though and haven't had a chance to dive into these other two yet.

Last night, we had a huge thunderstorm roll through, so Jack and I watched some old British sitcoms on the telly and knit. He's doing great with his first project- so great, he wants to keep it for himself now...grrrr... *grin* It really is turning out to be quite a cool scarf. I've been progressing slowly on my Watercolor socks. I really like how they're turning out. My camera died or I'd post a picture for you...they do exist though, really, they do! I also signed up for the Sockret Pal yesterday and am really looking forward to that getting started. The hostesses are super cool and the group is small, so it should be a blast! I'm off to work on my socks. Must finish them before Sockret Pal gets underway.


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