Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I had quite an interesting conversation with my mom yesterday about perception. We discussed how two people can perceive an object/event/etc. in two totally different ways, which begs us to ask the question about what is really the truth? If I see something that is the color green and she sees something the color green, are we seeing it the same way? Are we only semi perceiving it the same way because that is what we were told "green" is? Using the example of green, is what she used, but that can translate into so many bigger events, relationships, etc. The biggest one at the moment is 9/11. I truly feel for the loss and suffering that the families and us as a nation went through, but I refuse to perceive the event the way the media and the government portrayed it. I do not believe in much of what was spoon-fed to us in those first few weeks. I couldn't watch any of the broadcasts yesterday for this reason. I'm so tired of memorializing death and destruction. I honor all of the lives that were lost that day, but I choose to celebrate events that showcase goodness, peace and respect for life. We can't ignore the terrible tragedy of that day, it affected all of us, but I do believe it's time to start looking at the good in people again.

Why can't we all just get along?


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