Monday, September 18, 2006

Progress Report

I really don't have much to say- I just felt like posting a picture of my Watercolor socks in progress. I'm using the double moss stitch and it's creating some awesome texture. It's so funny, because I'm not really a "pastel" person, so I have to put the sock down and walk across the room to look at it to convince myself that I still like what I'm working on! For some reason, the colors look better to me from far away. Weird. Thank the gods that they'll end up on my feet and not on my hands! Now, if I were only taller....*grin* This pair of socks was actually something that I started while waiting on more yarn to arrive in the mail, which of course has yet to appear, grrrr.....I've got a few Yule/Christmas projects I reeeeeally need to get started on so that I don't end up freaking out sometime in December!!

Oh, and I must give credit to the background fabric in the photo- It's actually a bag that my brother's Fiance, Windy, made that came with a tissue holder and glass case. Thanks again mama!

Currently Reading: From Sea to Shining Sea by James Alexander Thom
So far, it's a pretty good read. I've read another book by him, Follow the River, which was an incredible story based on the life of Mary Ingles. From Sea to Shining Sea, takes place during the American Revolution, and is interesting to me because I shockingly don't know much about how our country was born...tsk, tsk!

In the DVD Player: The Hound of Baskervilles. (1959) Ahhh, there's something to be said for an old kitschy Sherlock Holmes movie. Recommended by Jack, of course!


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