Friday, September 29, 2006

The Ruins

I am currently reading this book called The Ruins, by Scott Smith. I use the Miami-Dade Public Library system's online request program, and stumbled across this book during one of my searches. Gone are the lazy days of perusing the shelves in an air-conditioned musty smelling library...ahhhhh, heaven...Now it's get in, get out before Eli starts accumulating dirty looks from the other patrons. He's really not that big of a problem, but he does get excited and starts running around like any 18 month old will do :) Anyway, I found this book and it piqued my interest, so I ordered it. It's not my typical read, but every once in awhile, you need to go outside of your normal interests, to make sure you're not missing anything really good! I typically stick to Historical Fiction- Medeival, Rennaisance, Victorian era, Fantasy- The Mists of Avalon, anything about the Aurthurian Legend or Guinevere in particular, Alice in Wonderland (of course), Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders series, and I could go on and on and on...

Well, this book takes place in present day, in a small village outside of Cancun. The main characters are early 20 something travelers, who wind up going off in search off one of their friends who took off to an archeological dig site. When they get there, the trouble begins. As you can see, not my usual read. I'm about half way through it and I can't make up my mind about it. The lurking evil turns out to be something totally stupid, yet I am compelled to keep reading it. I think I'm drawn to the group dynamics of the story, that's about it. The book has received mixed reviews, and I can totally see why!

Besides my unnatural addiction to reading this book, I have been working hard on my super secret project (about a quarter of the way done) and I've been shopping, shopping, shopping for my Sock-ret Pal. I've decided to do themed packages, which is making it more interesting for me to put together. I'm enjoying the planning involved with putting together the package. I'm finding it sooooo hard not to shop for myself though!!

Currently Reading: The Ruins by Scott Smith (sorry to be redundant here)

In the DVD Player: Marty- 1955- starring Ernest Borgnine

On the Needles: The usual new projects yet! I'd like to start the socks for my Pal, but I'm still waiting on her questionaire...*sound of my fingers tapping* *grin*


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