Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock-ret Pal Questionaire

The Basics:
How long have you been knitting? I learned how to knit when I was 7, but have been seriously knitting for about a year.
Do you consider yourself a beginner sock knitter, intermediate, or could you do this in your sleep? I would consider myself an intermediate sock knitter.

The Measurements:
Shoe Size: 9
Foot Circumference (around ball of foot) : 8 inches

Fiber Related Favorites:
What colors do you love? I love purples, pinks, green, red, blue, the colors of autumn- bright happy colors :)
Do you prefer solids or variegated? I like both. It depends on the project and if I want the stitch definition to show.
What fibers do you most like to knit with? I loooovvve wool, especially Superwash. I love alpaca, silk, basically any natural fiber.
Who are your favorite yarn vendors? Lorna's Laces, Blue Moon Fiber Arts- Socks That Rock, Mountain Colors- Bearfoot, Cherry Tree Hill, Art Yarns
What projects do you most enjoy knitting? Socks, of course! I also love working on shawls, dolls, bags, mittens and hats, even though I can't wear half of these things in Miami!!

Fiber Related Dislikes:
What fibers can you not stand to knit with? Wear? I'm really not a big fan of synthetics. I do appreciate a really cool skein of sparkly fuzzy furry yarn every once in awhile, but the squeek of acrylic on needles makes me cringe.
What colors would you never wear? I don't wear grey or very many pastels. I'm a color lover- I love color, there, I said it! :)

The Tools:
Plastic or metal? Wood or bamboo? I prefer to knit on bamboo, depending on the yarn. I'm sure I would love wooden needles, I just have never tried them.
Circs or straights? Love em both!
DPN's or Magic Loop? DPN's. I've never tried Magic Loop.
Are there any knitting accessories that you don't have in your collection but would like? I don't have any really good stitch markers. Mine are plastic and junky. I'm also trying to expand my circ collection. Would also love to try bamboo yarn.

The Extras:
Do you have a wishlist? Yup. It's on my page.
Do you like sweet, sour, or salty, or all of the above? All of the above. I'm not a big fan of chocolate or candy, though.
Do you have any allergies? Nope.
Favorite scents? Scents you can't stand? My favorite scent is Nag Champa. Second would be lavender. I don't care for florals.
Do you collect anything? yarn :)
When is your birthday? January 25th.
Do you spin? Dye your own yarn? Yes to both. I am learning to spin on a drop spindle. I dye my own yarn, using acid dyes.
Favorite author/band/vacation spot? Author: Sharon Kay Penman. Band: Ani Difranco. Vacation spot: Holland
Anything else to let your Pal know you better? I'm 32 and stay at home right now with my 18 month old son, Eli- He's a very cool little guy! I am a college graduate, with a degree in Human Development from Eckerd College, but have been doing custom sewing work and hand dyeing yarn and fiber for sale through the internet. I am trying to stay at home with Eli for as long as I can and this work is allowing me to do so. Some of my interests: I am an avid reader, I enjoy spending time with my family in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I love learning different forms of fiber arts, spinning, quilting, embroidery and beadwork. I'm fascinated with anything Medeival, mesmerized by William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement, and dare I say it...I love garden gnomes....hehehe! I consider myself Pagan, but I approach it as a way of life rather than a religion-I see it more as a worldview. I'm too busy to be religious right now!! An 18 month old will do that to you. If I were to put myself in any one category, it would be hard to do, because I have walked many different paths in my life. Most people would consider me to be a hippie-dippie sort, and I'm OK with that. I would choose tie-dye over a business suit any day, dreadlocks over a perm, flip-flops/sandals over close-toed shoes...I think you must be getting what I'm trying to say :) I value authenticity, originality, diversity and free-thinking. I welcome you to become a part of my life for a few months or longer if you would like! I am excited to be a part of this group and am hoping to form some great friendships from it. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Knatty Knitter said...

well looks like you're all grand now..was going to email you it if you needed! its a facsinating read, really nice at the end learning somemore about you. I'm fascinated by your pagan beliefs...being Irish, its definitely in my blood somewhere :)


At 6:16 AM, Blogger Em said...

The Smoky Mountains! Love them! I'm from Knoxville, TN and just drove through them yesterday on my way back to NC. It's such a gorgeous trip. Realize this is a pretty pointless post(!), but I got a little homestate pride when I read that in your questionnaire. I'm doing the Sockret Pal Swap, I'm not your Sockret Pal, but I'm really glad I saw your blog!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Knatty Knitter said...

you making fun of my skinny ankles?! its not my fault...crazy parents :) (I have no arches whatsoever if that interests you too!) heehee...us Bohemian's must stick together.

was wondering if you'd do me a wee favour. i wrote a mammoth blog 'Photos finally!' which i dont expect you to read all of but at the end, well i got my nose pierced and i was freaking out alittle in my head, which i wrote about and you seem so on my level. well id love to know what you think basically. was just a thought.....no worries if you dont want to :)


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Knatty Knitter said...

well you're just brilliant..thank you so much. I think I really just wanted someone to say to me it was OK to do what I wanted and what you said was just lovely!! That and my bfriend had just gone home to Ireland and I was probably way too emotional when I wrote all that :)

thanks again...Happy Thursday,


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