Saturday, November 25, 2006


I was so excited yesterday when I got this Scrabble/gameboard fabric in the mail! Isn't it awesome!

My sister-in-law made the suggestion, (i.e. threw down the gauntlet) that I make up some Scrabble bags for a few Scrabble junkies in our familia, so I took her up on the challenge and ordered this great fabric off of eBay. I opened the package and was grinning from ear to ear because this fabric is just too cool, and this is coming from one who doesn't even play Scrabble. Then...(cue in dramatic music or the music from any fight scene in Rocky) ...I unwrapped the cellophane and BAM!! Punched in the nose by stink! This fabric reeks of smoke. Oh no!!! I don't care if a person smokes and I really don't care what they smoke, as long as they do it FAR FAR away from my fabric or fiber, damnit!! Cardinal rule numero uno...If you're going to sell fiber, fabric, etc. etc. etc., it's a good idea to do your smoking ELSEWHERE!! Can you tell what one of my pet peeves is? I'm the worst...I used to smoke, so now I pull out my "don't you dare smoke around my fiber" rant whenever the need arises! I rarely bitch and moan here, but mannnnna! Come on...It's currently soaking as I sit here whining :P

OK, now on to the good stuff! I have finished some more yarn, a few more holiday themed colors. The Grinch has suddenly become festive...hmmm...I'll have to look into that more later...Hey, how about a Grinch colorway? *grin* Here's a sample of the sock yarn I just finished:

I've also had a hankering for lace weight yarn, so I dyed a few of those as well...I l-l-l-love the blue/black one one the left and the pink one is so punk rock! Well, OK, punk rock goes to the fair...

I also bought some kick-ass fabric at JoAnn's today and am FINALLY going to start on some sock bags for knitting projects and some needle rolls. Definitely a work in progress :) If you want to take a peek at the yarn, feel free to click here :)

Happy weekend! I'm off to dye some Kona superwash and give Eli more peanut butter :)


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Knatty Knitter said...

heehee, thanks love. the photos were a happy accident but I know how to do it now...I'm so excited to finally own a camera!

I'm also so excited that my parcel is in the post, thank you so much. you are too kind getting it away so fast. your lace yarn is gorgeous too, next paycheck...have to pace myself.

hope your thanksgiving was brilliant. Eli is the absolute cutest...DB isnt much of a 'coo'er when it comes to kids but when he saw the peanut butter pic he couldnt help it :)

hope all is well and your holiday has been restful,

At 4:31 AM, Blogger Cary said...

The folks at Jiffy (peanut butter) should hire Eli for an ad....what a cutey pie!!!

Ooooh, your yarns are so gorgeous (I love your almost solids - the purples, greys, blacks and the like)

How nice to openly say hello, Madame Sherlock...hehehe (My grandson was just watching a Veggie Tales movie called Sheerluck Holmes!)

Hugs - "Charlotte"


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