Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Challenge Accepted

OK, I will try, key word being try, to keep up with Em on this 20 day blog-a-day countdown to Christmas. I technically have until the 21st, which is when Yule starts, but I'll play along anyway, because I'm a joiner, darnit! To start off this event, here are 20 things you didn't know about Brooke, unless you are my mother or I have carried your child...

20. My favorite smell in the world is the smell of yellowing paperback books. I am a self-proclaimed champion book-sniffer- I can tell you if a book is good or bad by it's smell alone...and I'm not kidding you on this one!

19. I learned how to drive stick/standard when I was 17 on a 1971 Volkwagon bus. I had no choice. I was the only sober one coming home from the concert.

18. During my late teens, I went on many Spring and Summer tours with the Grateful Dead.

17. Due to this, I missed too much school, had to repeat a half year and graduated late. The good news is that I got my act together, went on to college and graduated with honors from Eckerd College.

16. The day of my graduation ceremony, I met some friends for mimosa's before the ceremony and was drunk as a skunk by the time I entered the auditorium.

15. I have 6 tattoos.

14. I want more tattoos, the next one being Eli's footprints on the top of my feet.

13. I don't eat ribs...thorasic cavities freak me out. I really don't like anything off of a bone.

12. I prefer to wear long skirts, instead of pants/jeans.

11. I sometimes listen to the Willie Wonka soundtrack while dyeing yarn...the middle one bears an uncanny resemblance to schnozzberries, don't you think? :)

10. I just discovered Tegan & Sara and looooove their music!!

9. I'm a big fan of Project Runway and have been known to watch American Idol now and then...please don't tell anyone!!

8. I live 15 minutes from the beach and never go.

7. I think the Florida Panther is one of the most beautiful creatures alive.

6. I am a big believer in past lives and soul groups and really wish I could find out things "for sure".

5. I hate ironing clothes. Avoid it like the plague.

4. I think full-size vans a creepy yet very utilitarian, kind of like my last step-father. (sorry mom!)

3. I run with scissors.

2. I have a motorcycle which I haven't ridden in over two years!! It's been relegated to laundry hanger and it sits in my dining room!! You really must come over sometime! It's amusing :)

1. I am amazed everyday at how far Eli has come. This is a picture from when he was about 4 months old and still on the oxygen. I love this photo and thought I would share it with you.

OK, there you have it! 20 things you now know about me. I have no idea what the next 19 days have in store, so I'll just follow Em's lead!!


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Em said...

You're not following, you're staying in uncanny step with me! Before I ever checked your blog I suggested you do that very thing- Things about you we didn't know!

Fantastic job, by the way. Grateful Dead, eh? Drunk at graudation? Tattoos? Forget White Willow, try Wild Willow! Whoo-Hoo!

Love all the funny details. And that pic of you and Eli is just lovely and tender and inspiring all at the same time.

So glad you took the Challenge! Thrilled you and Knatty are on board!

At 10:52 AM, Blogger meg said...

gah with the yarn shots again, brooke! i can't take all the fab colorways and now that i have my own i know how great the stuff feels and looks in person.

fun facts. i was still drunk from the night before at my graduation last may! i snuck out right after i crossed the stage.

i love the smell of old books, too; although, not as much as you. i admire all of you for being so determined to post so much. i'm so in over my head right now i barely have time to read everyone's blog!

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Knatty Knitter said...

Yeah girl, freakin' going on tour is my dreaaaaam...and you and Eli are more than welcome to come too :)

Such fun facts and the most beautiful pic of you and baby at the bottom. Was Eli premature? He looks like a strapping young lad now!

Want to get a tatoo really badly...but I am scared. I want a flower vine on my ankle, sketched rather than filled in, and I hear that is super painful. Any advice?

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Loved how you learned to drive a stick. My learning experience was a bit similar, but involved a college basketball game (Duke vs. UNC). I would have much preferred a concert.
It does look like schnozberries!
COmpletely with you on number 6.
And number 1. I look at LB sometimes and am amazed.

At 2:36 AM, Blogger Cary said...

Brooke, the photo of you and Eli is incredibly beautiful and I can see why you cherish it! Children are a much better rush than alcohol (or any drug for that matter!) any day, aren't they?

You do amazing work, Girl! Babies, yarn, sewing and the important things in your life...Hurray for you ;) Hugs, Cary


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