Monday, December 04, 2006

Dirty Knitter Swap

Yes, you read correctly. The Dirty Knitter Swap is being hosted by another Brooke, who was actually one of the first bloggers to stop by and say hello a few months ago. She is collecting Brooke's Who Knit and I am in her official menagerie :P This swap looks like it 's going to be alot of fun- it's for those who love knitting and drinking... I don't really fall into the boozing knitter category anymore, but I am so fascinated by those who do! I only drank and knit once in my life, and I woke up with a horrible hangover, someone else's knitting needles in my bed, and a suspicious charge on my credit card to Jose's Palace of Pleasure...haha!! Kidding of course. Here's the link to Brooke's page. Even if you are not a drinking pirate, but a cheap date like myself, it looks to be fun. I'm not a fan of chocolate, but I am a sucker for a chocolate martini, so count me in!

On another note, I woke up this morning and some more of my babies have hatched...same mother, different fathers, can you tell? *schnort*

Pretty soon they won't need me anymore...*sniff* *sniff*


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Em said...

Fantastic swap idea! Dangerous, mind you, something I no longer do. Knitting + drinking= Dropped Stitches.

Please keep posting swaps you find though; I'm plain ole' crazy about gifts in the mail!

Keep dying too (that sounds SO ODD). I have a new Sockret Pal (I swear I'm not a sluttish swapper, flitting from partner to partner; my old parnter go the boot, no idea why, the new was assigned to me) and her favorite colors are not orange. SO all that yarn I ordered already will be for somone who does love orange (think hard) and new purchases will be made for new pal. Yipee!

At 6:20 AM, Blogger Em said...

As far as the old pal, I'm not sure what went down, I had an email Dec 2nd from Rachel with my new pal's info. I've already been to her site and commented and she's looks a riot, so I'm quite happy. I hadn't started her socks, but- can you believe this- they wear the same size shoe! And it's an unusual size. Kind of weird really. Dododododododo (Twilight Zone theme if it wasn't obvious).

And Please, Girl- like I mind a reason to keep your yummy yarn to myself and order more. Ha! I thought you knew me better...

What does that clue mean?! Eyes Peeled? Banana peel? Contact lenses? Peel out? Eye patch? Potato peeler? These are my mind associations!

I'm INTRIGUED! If there was ever a way to have me check your site five times a day...


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