Saturday, December 09, 2006

F.O.B. #17

I really like this list, from what I've read of Em's, Parisa's and Ann's. These are 17 things that you just can't live without. They have to be material objects, so... here we go...

17. My Doc marten sandals, shoes, and boots...yup I'm a Doc junkie. Even though I don't get to wear them very often, I still like to look at them :)

16. My computer, but of course...

15. My cell phone. We don't have a home phone, so I'd be cut off from civilization without this and the old computer.

14. Any and all books I've ever read. There's not one in particular, because they all act like Miracle Grow for my brain.

13. My sewing machine.

12. My finished and unfinished cross stitch pieces. I've done a few, and these are two that I've worked on. The first one is Waiting For Ships and it is finished. The second is Queen Mermaid, and I'm almost done...I'm a BIG fan of Mirabilia, as you can see :)

11. My drop spindle. When I need to feel a little bit more "connected" I pull this out and spin away. It's been awhile since I've really gotten any good spinning done, because Mr. Eli just thinks it's so much fun to grab what I'm working on and of these the moon!

10. My Starbucks brother works there, so I get the ultimate coffee hook-up! Woo-hoo!!

9. Wow, I'm having a really hard time with this list...I'm in this give-away phase right now, so I'm finding it hard to think of anything else...

8. Yarn stash/needles

7. Eli

6. Eli

5. Eli

4. Eli

3. Eli

2. Eli

1. My new yarn ball winder :) No, it's not #1 on the list, but I just looked over at it while working on this list and it screamed "ooh ooh..pick me, pick me!!"

Yes, I know I totally cheated, but I really can't think of anything...I have so much stuff and this list has made me take a good look at all of the junk and clutter I have around me, that is really rather insignificant in my life...hmmm.... Time to call the Vietnam Vets for another pick-up! I think the only things that I really need are things that help me create. Without those, I'm sure I would just wither up and die.

Speaking of the aforementioned ball winder, this is my first wound ball and an accompanying swatch gauge. Isn't that just so exciting? ;P This is the yarn the my Sock-ret Pal, Cary, sent me. It's gorgeous hand-dyed superwash from a lady in Upstate NY, called "Crush Season." (the yarn is called that, not the lady :) I'm looking forward to trying my first pair of jay-walkers with this yarn. It's a treat for me to knit with someone else's hand dyed yarn :) I've just finished the holiday knitting, so now it's time for "me" knitting. Hooray :)


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Em said...

Hey Early Bird! Excellent last two lists. Cooler full of hair dye and tweezers were extra *special*. Also, very much appreciate the "we have too much stuff" syndrome. Doing F.O.B 17 made me see how much we really could live without (and probably never miss). Hmm..
I'm glad you explained Eli's history. He sounds like a baby who couldn't wait to be in this world, with this family, by whatever means necessary. The more I hear about you and Jack, the more I can understand his attitude!
I agree with the absurdity of the word "defect". It's a waste of letters. If I were to apply any D words to Eli they would be: Divine, Delectable, Dilarious and Dtoocuteforhisowngood.
Have a Delicious weekend. Hope there's lots of Destressing in store. Delighted you're still in the F.O.B!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Cary said...

Oh Brooke, the yarn looks so pretty and I think it will make an AMAZING pair of Jaywalkers! I'm going to send Eve your blog link again so she can see the yarn swatched ;)

Oh, here are my tips on making the Jaywalkers...beware, they seem to EAT UP yarn! My last pair ended up having a different (yet complimentary!) toe color. AND, I did decrease total stitch number by four stitches, it was fairly easy to do (there is a span of knit 7 sts 4 times where I just dropped down to knit 6 sts

Can't wait to see them!!!

Hugs,, Cary ;)


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