Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yay! Bag Number 1, the Snowflake Bag that I've been blabbering on about is done :) Here's a few pictures: (I wish my camera could have picked up the brilliance of it- all of those little grey circles in the snowflake are silver sequins and they sparkle, sparkle, sparkle :)

You can find a detailed description of the bag here. I found a great tutorial on "jordy's" which you can see by clicking here. I made some modifications on the size, to make it more sock project appropriate and made it a drawstring rather than handled. There has been some interest so far (Parisa :) in doing a KAL, so this is basically an example of what the finished project would look like. Everyone would pick out their own individual fabrics, of course, which will make it really fun to see what everyone comes up with. We could even do a contest, with the winner getting a nice skein of handpainted yarn to put in it? Hmmmm....tempting? It's a fun, quick project. It only took me a few hours to make mine. I'm thinking January would be a good time to do this. Definitely after the holidays have blown over!

Here's a picture of the Scrabble/Boardgame/Playing Cards bag I did last night as well. I think it looks perty darn cool.

While I was getting ready to do some sewing last night, I looked over and what did I see? Eli inspecting my yarn. And what a fine job he did! He was so mesmerized by the tiny spools of color, that I think I'm going to teach him his colors using thread, fabric and yarn. Poor kid...


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Em said...

Eli's such a cutie! And how lucky to learn his colors that way- it makes "Burnt Sienna" from the Mega Crayola Crayons box pale by comparison.
So, as a Not-Sewer, I fully encourage the Sewing KAL, as that way you will have products to sell and while I cannot sew I can type a credit card number and an address. Yea!
You're too talented, chicky. I'll make sure Ann (Knitty Yoda) knows about your contest, if she doesn't already. Like you, she's in the "Giving Martha a Run for Her Billions" KAL.
Happy Saturday!


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