Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yay! My computer is no longer sick and my Secret Pal rocks!

Wow... nothing like a good virus to show you how dependant you can become on your computer. It's rather scary, to be quite honest. While my family was here, we were having a conversation about what would happen to humanity if all of the computers in the world were hit with a virus. What would we do? Things would come to a grinding halt, really fast. You see, we were forced to have these conversations, because we had no computer to waste our time on...kidding, mom!

But anyway, enough about the devilbox, let's get to the good stuff! I hope everyone out there in the real world had a fabulous holiday, ate lots of pie (Em :) and took loads of pictures to share with everyone (Parisa- we're all dying to see Ireland!!) :) I have so many pictures to post, so I'll be putting them up over the next few days.

I guess I'll start with Yule. We really didn't do anything fancy to celebrate it this year. It kind of snuck up on us, (I know...excuses, excuses) but I did get one of THE most fabulous lace knitting books from my DB as a Yule gift.

I've already started one of the shawls in the book, which I'll be posting pictures of later on. This book is full of GORGEOUS projects. It's definitely worth it's weight in gold.

On Saturday (the day my computer was really feeling the effects), I was busy cleaning, and praying and crossing all of my fingers and toes that all of the presents I ordered online would arrive (the last day the post was running). I lucked out and got all of them except for one, which was coming and is still coming, from Thailand for my brother. My postman had to make two stops at my house, and the second time that he came by, he dropped of a package from my Secret Pal. This could not have come at a better time, let me tell you!!

I opened up the box and found this box o' joy inside...

...and there was a lovely Yule card, with the most gorgeous accompanying envelope. Here's the front of the envelope...

...and here's the back...

Isn't that too cool? There was also a very thoughtful Yule Blessing inside, which is now being prominently displayed on my refrigerator, right next to my Scooby Doo magnet, underneath Dracula. After reading the card, I opened up the box, and this is what I found inside...

Wow!! What a thoughtful and completely awesome package!! There was a gorgeous lace shawl pattern (which I attempted to start and then decided to try an easier pattern from the book first...I know, I know...chicken I am). There was also a delicious bar of Lemon Verbana soap...yummmm :), a Knitting Day of the Year calender- very cool, a book thong, hand lotion (which I love), wool wash, a knitting accessory case/pouch and...drumroll of THE most gorgeous skeins of dark purple/plum laceweight yarn that I have ever seen. It is exactly what I would have picked out for myself. It's 1250 glorious yards of Schaefer Trenna 50% Silk/50% Merino wool. It is so soft and shiny and yummy and elegant...I can't even begin to describe how loverly it is :) I want to pet it all day long and gaze at it adoringly... *grin* I've already wound it into a center pull ball and it's on the needles working it's way into a shawl as we speak...

Thank you thank you Secret Pal!! I know you said you were worried I wouldn't be happy with the package, but I am so happy and thankful and realize how much thought you put into it! I can't wait to find out who you are, oh evil one... *grin*

Last but not least, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL that Em and Parisa are in, and I finished this dishcloth, which was put in my brother's stocking, along with a bar of soap called Hippie in a Bar, which was handmade by Cottage Garden Therapies, a fellow Etsy vendor. I cannot recommend this soap enough! It smells divine and the packaging is outstanding. She really goes above and beyond.

Well, that's it for today. There's a gazillion more photos to come :)


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Em said...

Glad you're back up and on The Internets (got a lot of that in TN last weekend) again. My blogging brain still feels a little fried, but reading yours today put a little pep back in my fingers! Glad you had a yule good time.
LOVE that yarn. Such heavenly poiple. Looking forward to more pics! Bring on Eli in a present-opening frenzy, if you will.
And, for the record, only a small amount of cherry pie was consumed, due to a lack of pie in the area. Luckily a few hundred pounds of cookies made up the difference. *Sigh* of contentment.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Glad you're back in the blogging world!
That yarn looks faboo. I look forward to seeing it knitted up!


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